Registry of ongoing Research Projects (RoPS)

Registry database of all ongoing research projects in Switzerland that are approved by the ethics committees

Lead EC
  •  Comitato etico cantonale Ticino
  •  Commission cantonale d'Éthique de la Recherche sur l'être humain Vaud (CER-VD)
  •  Commission Cantonale d'éthique de la recherche Genève (CCER)
  •  Ethikkommission Nordwest- und Zentralschweiz EKNZ
  •  Ethikkommission Ostschweiz (EKOS)
  •  Kantonale Ethikkommission Bern
  •  Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich
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Type of project
  •  clinical trial
  •  deceased persons
  •  non clinical, involving persons
  •  personal data/biological material
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Study phase (clinical trials only)
  •  n/a
  •  phase 1
  •  phase 1/2
  •  phase 2
  •  phase 3
  •  phase 4
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multi- / monocentric
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BASEC ID Project title Sponsor Approval date multi- / monocentric Principal investigator Investigational sites Type of project Study phase (clinical trials only) Category Lead EC Local EC(s)
2015-00005 Identifizierung von Risikopatienten betreffend der Chronifizierung von Rückenschmerzen in einem hausärztlichen Setting Qualitätszirkel Brugg 28.12.2015 monocentric Dr. med. Gunther Landmann Schweizer Paraplegiker-Zentrum, Nottwil non clinical, involving persons A Ethikkommission Nordwest- und Zentralschweiz EKNZ
2015-00004 Barrett's oesophagus related adenocarcinoma: Correlation of phenotype, survival nd molecular characterisation. H.U.G 22.12.2015 multicentric Dr Benjamin Allanson HUG, Geneva
CHUV, Lausanne
personal data/biological material Commission Cantonale d'éthique de la recherche Genève (CCER) Commission cantonale d'Éthique de la Recherche sur l'être humain Vaud (CER-VD)