BASEC ID Project title Type of project Type of clinical trial Study phase (clinical trials only) multi- / monocentric Category Principal investigator Sponsor Investigational sites Lead EC Local EC(s) Approval date Minors Study Ended
2017-00295 Korrelation von klinischen Parametern und Zytokinprofil bei paradoxer Psoriasis personal data/biological material monocentric Dr. Florian Anzengruber Dermatologische Klink USZ Dermatologische Klinik, USZ, Zürich
Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich 16.03.2017
2017-00294 Quantitative analysis of simultaneous and co-localized multi-channel EEG-NIRS recordings in patients with inter-ictal epileptic discharges – a pilot study non clinical, involving persons monocentric A Dr. Christian Rummel Support Center for Advanced Neuroimaging, Bern
Kantonale Ethikkommission Bern 25.04.2017 Study has ended
2017-00293 Durée optimale du traitement immunosuppresseur dans la néphrite lupique personal data/biological material monocentric Brahier CHUV, Lausanne
Commission cantonale d'Éthique de la Recherche sur l'être humain Vaud (CER-VD) 19.04.2017
2017-00292 Infections in AB0-Incompatible Kidney Transplant Recipients: An Observational Study by the Swiss Transplant Cohort. personal data/biological material multicentric Dr. med. Cédric Hirzel Universitätsklinik für Infektiologie Universitätsklinik für Infektiologie, Bern
University Clinic Basel, Basel
HUG, Geneva
KSSG, St. Gallen
CHUV, Lausanne
USZ, Zürich
Kantonale Ethikkommission Bern Ethikkommission Nordwest- und Zentralschweiz EKNZ, Ethikkommission Ostschweiz (EKOS), Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich, Commission cantonale d'Éthique de la Recherche sur l'être humain Vaud (CER-VD), More ... 14.03.2017
2017-00291 Predicting Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure in Cirrhosis
(PREDICT) Study on behalf of the EASL-CLIF Consortium
non clinical, involving persons multicentric A Prof. Andrea De Gottardi Europ Foundation for the Study of Chronic Liver Failure UVCM Hepatologie, 3010 Bern
Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Genève
Kantonsspital St. Gallen, St. Gallen
Kantonale Ethikkommission Bern Ethikkommission Ostschweiz (EKOS), Commission Cantonale d'éthique de la recherche Genève (CCER) 24.05.2017
2017-00290 Immunohistochemical findings in patients suffering from leg ulcers non clinical, involving persons monocentric A Prof. Dr. Jürg Hafner Department of Dermatology, USZ, Zurich
Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich 12.06.2017 Study has ended
2017-00289 Häufigkeitsverteilung von Plazentalokalisationen und Nabelschnuransätzen und deren Assoziation zu feto-maternalem Outcome personal data/biological material monocentric Dr. med. Martina Kreft Klinik für Geburtshilfe, Zürich
Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich 31.03.2017
2017-00287 Retrospektive prognostische Evaluierung von Tumorvolumina und deren Veränderungen in der kurativ-intendierten Radiotherapie des lokal-fortgeschrittenen NSCLC personal data/biological material monocentric Dr Cedric Panje Kantonsspital St. Gallen Kantonsspital St. Gallen, St. Gallen
Ethikkommission Ostschweiz (EKOS) 28.02.2017
2017-00286 Smoking cessation facilitated by glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogues – a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Trial clinical trial drugs phase 2 monocentric B Dr. med. Bettina Winzeler University Hospital Basel University Hospital Basel, Basel
Ethikkommission Nordwest- und Zentralschweiz EKNZ 30.05.2017 Study has ended
2017-00285 Validität, Reliabilität und Responsivität der deutschen Version der 8-Item Kurzform Stroke Impact Scale (SF-SIS) in Patienten mit Schlaganfall in der stationären Rehabilitation - prospektive Validier More ... non clinical, involving persons monocentric A Anna Coppers Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht, Zihlschlacht
Ethikkommission Ostschweiz (EKOS) 21.03.2017
2017-00284 Dynamik des Sprachverstehens im Alter: Interaktion zwischen Kognition, Tinnitus und sensorineuralem Hörverlust non clinical, involving persons monocentric A Prof. Dr. /Martin/Meyer Universität Zürich Universität Zürich, Zürich
Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich 22.05.2017
2017-00283 Strategies of Therapy with the Exoskeleton Robot ARMin, Multi-VIT-ARMin clinical trial medical devices monocentric C Alexandra Menig ETH Zurich Klinik Zihlschlacht, Zihlschlacht
Ethikkommission Ostschweiz (EKOS) 27.04.2017 Study has ended
2017-00282 Association between the development of suppurative osteomyelitis of the jaw after a dental implant procedure and the comorbities of the patient that can have an impact on the bone metabolism. personal data/biological material multicentric Pr Paolo Scolozzi Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève, Genève
Private Practice Dr. med & med.dent. Raul Verdeja, CH-1700 Fribourg
Commission Cantonale d'éthique de la recherche Genève (CCER) Commission cantonale d'Éthique de la Recherche sur l'être humain Vaud (CER-VD) 15.05.2017 Study has ended
2017-00281 Defining systemic control of iron absorption to optimize oral iron supplementation regimens for women with iron deficiency anemia clinical trial drugs phase 4 monocentric C Michael Zimmermann Human Nutrition Laboratory ETH Zurich, Zurich
Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich 27.10.2017
2017-00279 Repeatability of outcome parameters from MRI and lung function measurements non clinical, involving persons monocentric A Prof. Dr. med. Philipp Latzin, PhD Pädiatrische Pneumologie Universitäts-Kinderklinik Bern, Inselspital, 3010 Bern
Kantonale Ethikkommission Bern 07.04.2017 yes
2017-00278 Comparison of intelligent volume assured pressure support and pressure support non-invasive ventilation ventilator mode – a long term retrospective study personal data/biological material monocentric Prof. Dr. med. Martin Brutsche Kantonsspital St. Gallen Department für Pneumologie und Schlafmedizin, St. Gallen
Ethikkommission Ostschweiz (EKOS) 27.02.2017
2017-00277 In Vivo Hip Kinematics During Challenging Activities in Daily Life of Patients Following Total Hip Arthroplasty non clinical, involving persons monocentric A Prof. Dr. Stephen Ferguson ETH Zurich ETH Zurich, Zurich
Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich 03.05.2017 Study has ended
2017-00276 Retrospective analysis of PSMA expression on histopathology of patients with and without good response to Avastin therapy. personal data/biological material monocentric PD Dr. med Irene Burger UniversitätsSpital Zürich UniversitätsSpital Zürich Klinik für Nuklearmedizin, Zürich
Kantonale Ethikkommission Zürich 26.04.2017 Study has ended
2017-00275 A Phase 1 Study to Assess the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Preliminary Efficacy of BLU-554 in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma clinical trial drugs phase 1 monocentric C Prof. Dr. Jean Francois Dufour Blueprint Medicines Copr. Inselspital, Bern
Kantonale Ethikkommission Bern 05.01.2018 Study has ended
2017-00274 Long-term Outcome of Surgically Treated and Conservatively Managed Primary and Bystander Aneurysms in a Cohort of 120 Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms personal data/biological material monocentric Prof Dr med Raphael Guzman Universitätsspital Basel Basel University Hospital, Basel
Ethikkommission Nordwest- und Zentralschweiz EKNZ 30.05.2017